Another Great Real Estate Bar Camp!

7 04 2010

Wow!  My head is absolutely swirling like crazy with all of the great content I received yesterday, especially from Brian Tercero which wasn’t exactly new material for me, but it was the push that I needed to clear my schedule and work on my own WordPress website that has simply been sitting there collecting virtual dust.

One that surprised me was presented by Evan Russell, not because I didn’t think I’d find value in it, I just didn’t think I’d find so much for myself!  I’ll explain.  Evan’s presentation was about using the Agent Goal Tracker, and well, I’m not an agent.  I thought it would be great information to pass on to my clients, but I found that it was something that I needed to tweak and implement in to the daily life of my own business.  You can make your own, or you can purchase his for $50 here.

Michael Russer, aka Mr. Internet over at Online Dominance has been a favorite of mine for a while now.  Not only does he have incredibly useful information, he teaches agents the true value of hiring a professional Virtual Assistant (or three or four) to achieve a much higher level of success.  Michael also has an ingenious email response on his fan page that you can download after becoming a fan.  Thank you again Michael for so much great information!

Other goodies:

Chris Smith @ Tech Savvy Agent

Darin Persinger @ Productivity Junkies

Sheri Moritz @ Boot Camp 4 Real Estate

Ross Hair @ SMM Camp

Harrison Painter @ Coffee with Harrison

I’m still trying to find the ones that I missed, and I’ll post them here, or on my fan page (

If you presented yesterday, or if you have one that I missed – POST IT!!!


The REVA Report & More

24 02 2010

I am SO very excited about all of the cool stuff that I’m working on right now… the stuff that has kept me from blogging as often as I’d like.

But this stuff is GOOD!

The REVA Report is an informative newsletter put together by a talented group of Real Estate Virtual Assistants and other Real Estate professionals.  It will be put out monthly, and after this first great issue I know it’s going to grow!  If you work in any part of the real estate industry and would like to contribute an article send me an email at april(at)VirtualAssistantChick(dot)com

Are you a real estate agent or entrepreneur (or both) that needs help setting up and maintaining a monthly newsletter?  There are still tons of you out there that aren’t utilizing this quick, easy and cost-effective way to reach your clients, potential clients and referral sources.  I can help you with this, and trust me, it’s less expensive than you think!

________________________________________________________________________________ has taken off like crazy, and I am loving every minute of it!  I’m set to sign up four new retainer clients effective March 1st which almost puts me at capacity.

And speaking of capacity, I’m working on increasing that number.  I’m in the process of re-working my business plan and structure so that I’m reaching a wider audience.  I’m currently looking to bring on another VA that specializes in PR/Social Media as a partner of sorts that will catapult us to the next level.

I’ve done that already myself by taking on a new client, an Executive Development Coach who is in the process of recreating his successful UK coaching practice  here in California.


If you were following my (sporadic at best) posts regarding the Get Clients Now! program, I am happy to report that, once again, I have been unable to finish this book.  I’ve never even gotten past the second week.  Why?  Because every time I start working off of the Action Plan Worksheet, I Get Clients Now!  It’s a great book, and I strongly urge anyone whose lively hood depends on their clients should read this book and keep it as a reference to go back to throughout the year.

This is what I’ve going on, how about you?  Anything fun you’d like to plug?

Apps to Schedule Tweets

3 02 2010

Up until very recently when I launched my new website, twitter accounted for about 85% of my new business.  I know, I think that’s crazy too, and I wasn’t even spending more than 15 minutes there per day.  I used SocialOomph to manage the alerts I set up and to auto follow people, and tweetdeck for responding to @AprilSullivan‘s, DM’s and actual tweeting.  My blog posts are also automatically tweeted and so are my fan page updates and then it all feeds into my LinkedIn account thus connecting me to people I’d never normally be connected to.  Pretty cool, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Here is a link to a blog post I came across today by Rotorblog titled 10 Apps to Schedule Future Tweets on Twitter.  If you’re not already doing it, you need to be.  It may not bring in a steady flow of business, but if done right, you will stand out in the crowd as a true professional.

How to Keep Your Listing Descriptions Sounding Fresh

30 01 2010

Cool Real Estate Tool of the Day:

If you have a hard time coming up with fresh content for your listings, and lets face it, who doesn’t, Write My Ads can do it for you. Just answer the questions, plug in some info about the property and PRESTO! you’ve got 6 different ways to present it.

I only tried out their free version, so I’m not sure if the quality is any better with a paid account, but it was ok.  I think a few of them were a little too salesy (I HATE salesy) but for the most part they generated some new ideas for.  At $120 to $195 a year, I think it’s a little too much to pay for just inspiration, but I’m sure a few real estate agents will find it useful.

But don’t forget, a good Virtual Assistant can do the same for a lot less money!

It’s Safer to Sell Real Estate on Facebook?

27 01 2010

Here is an interesting post by Mike Butcher at Tech Crunch UK.  “The ability to verify Facebook users turns out to weed out the scammers.”  Quick and interesting.

Is Property Going Social?

This is another to add to the ever-growing list of tasks your VA can perform for you.

What are your thoughts?

Why a Virtual Assistant is the Perfect fit for a Realtor®

27 01 2010
Taken from my new Virtual Assistant Chick website
A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you take your business to the next level, whether that means helping you attract more clients, breaking into a more expensive market or building a team that will allow you to soar.

The right VA will provide cutting edge Marketing, Listing, & Transaction Coordination in addition to professional and ongoing administrative support.

The Virtual Assistant Chick knows real estate, has an extensive background in administrative support, and the tools to bring it all together for you.

From listing to closing and everything in between, The Virtual Assistant Chick is the right choice for a savvy realtor®.

Meet the Virtual Assistant Chick Now!

27 01 2010

My posts have been few and far between lately, as I’ve been working on changing my Virtual Assistant business into something a bit more reflective of me.  A new name, a new look and whole lot more heart and soul.  Do you like the new logo up top?

The new website is simple but straight forward.  Hopefully my passion for the work that I do shines through.  And I hope you don’t take the “chick” thing too seriously (I did  a lot of research on other “chick” websites, and they do just fine!)

Please visit Virtual Assistant Chick . com.  Maybe you’ll let me know what you think, maybe you’ll decided that my services are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Either way, head on over to facebook when you’re done and become a “fan” of Virtual Assistant Chick.  My page is brand new and could use a few friendly faces!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Chick

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Thanks, and have a wonderful day!