If all other blogs fail, keep trying!

10 09 2009

I start blogs.  Often.  Then I get all ADD again, change my focus and start a new one.  Again.  I have business blogs under different business names because apparently, when you decided to change your business name, you should just start your blog over from scratch.  I have family/parenting blogs.  I mostly quit those because it’s so much easier (and more fun!) to just use facebook (mostly since my family blogs don’t have FarmVille).

So here I am again with a blank blog, and the only comment I have (for now) is the standard Hello World one that comes with WordPress.

So why is this blog any different you ask?  Because I’ve decided to embrace my ADDism, throw my perfectisn out the window and just give you what I’ve got.

See, if this were solely my business blog, meant to only be read by Realtors and other VA’s, I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling you that I’ve been away from my desk for the last 10 minutes since my 2 year old woke up early from his nap to demand that I make him a strawberry smoothie, and is now slamming doors because we’re out of milk.

I’ll be adding my helpful links, experience, and other useful aspects of my business blogs that you’ve enjoyed before, but to make it more enjoyable for me, you’ll also get a glimpse into my personal life as well.  ; )




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