Does Direct Mail Still Work?

14 09 2009

mailboxIn today’s world of twitter, facebook and the pure joy of receiving instant information in the palm of your hand, does the old method of direct mail marketing still elicit a response?

My opinion?  If done correctly, yes it does.  In the Real Estate world, there is and always will be a debate on if you should even use direct mail.  The tried and true method of building direct relationships with people will always be the best way to bring in the most business.  But what if  that’s not your personality?  Automating does have its advantages you know.

If you choose to use direct mail as one of your marketing methods, make sure you do it right.  If  you don’t, it will be one of the biggest wastes of both your time and your money.

Seriously.  My husband, a mortgage broker once ordered a box of 6,000 postcards (and they weren’t cheap).  He sent them out once, didn’t get the response he wanted, and I believe they are still sitting in their boxes in a corner of our garage.  That would be the wrong way.

Doing it the right way means being patient.  It also means:

  • Hiring a designer, or at the very least, someone who knows their way around Photoshop to make your pieces unique.
  • Targeting a smaller, more specific area.
  • Tracking, tracking, tracking.  When a piece comes back, remove the file from your database.  Don’t be lazy!
  • Brand it, and show your beautiful face.  Make them remember YOU.
  • Send that baby out to the SAME people AT LEAST 3 times.  AT LEAST.  4 or 5 times is probably better, but don’t expect your phone to ring after just the first or second mailing.
  • Don’t  give up.  It will work eventually.
  • And when they do call you, follow up like you mean it.  Let them know how important their business is to you.

Remember, if you don’t want to handle it yourself, you can always hire a Virtual Assitant to take care of it for you.  Happy Monday!




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