Correcting Some Myths of the Virtual Assistance World

15 09 2009

va womanBelow is my response to a blog post written yesterday on a site called  I’m sure the comment that I made there will not be posted, as the comments are moderated.  I do however, feel it is important that agents know the difference between legitimate Virtual Assistant companies and their overseas “counterpart”.

Original Blog Post

My response:

I agree with your points, and all seven reasons are fantastic reasons to hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

I do not however, agree that you can get all of this for $5.50 per hour.

You are perpetuating the myth that Virtual Assistants are simply “at home secretaries” instead of professional business owners with a substantial background in their chosen niche. You are continuing the lie that real estate agents can get all their work done for them for mere pennies, and that it will actually be worth their time and money!

Even cheap junk is still junk.

Can these so-called VA’s pull comps? Can they prepare CMA’s? Can they coach new agent’s on the best way to market their services, help them build (not just type) a client database? In a pinch, can they speak clearly to the agent’s client when the agent is unavailable?

Are they able to understand, appreciate and communicate to the market that the agent is in, when they are halfway around the world?

Agents, do not be fooled by these overseas “Virtual Assistant” companies that claim that they can help you. A true VA is one that builds relationships with clients, and provides ongoing support that is both professional and RELEVANT to your industry.




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