The Fine Art of Creating Great Systems

17 09 2009

green folder iconBehind every great Virtual Assistant is an even better system.  Oh sure, you may have been in your chosen field for 26 years, know all there is to know about it, coach other businesses on it and you may even consider yourself an expert (as the internet has allowed so many people to do).  But without  great systems in place, you’ll forever be working against yourself, unable to be truly productive.

Virtual Assistance isn’t the only field that needs (or should I say thrives on) systemization.  Would you allow yourself to be operated on by a surgeon without a proven, reliable systematic process in place?  I didn’t think so.

In my seemingly never-ending quest to grow my VA practice, I’ve come across a great many systems that teach you to create systems.

My favorite has to be The Client Attracton System, which I haven’t had the luxury to actually purchase yet, but Fabienne gives away so much of her incredible knowledge through videos, email, free dvds and by following her on twitter and facebook that you can gain a great deal of insight that way.

By listening to her and others such as C.J. Hayden, I have built my own systems that work for ME.

  1. Firefox Tabs.  When I sit down to my computer each morning, coffee in hand, my first instinct is to check facebook.  I give myself 3 minutes.  Then I reopen my Home Tabs in firefox.  The tabs can be broken down into 3 categories:  Business sites and forums that I need to frequent daily, Then my personal website and my blog which need to be updated daily, Then finally, my client’s sites that need to be updated, checked for leads and so-forth.

What tabs open up for you?  Are they motivating you and setting your day in the right direction?  Do they reflect a morning routine that really gets you going in the morning?  Take a few minutes to find the sites that fit into these categories for you as well and set them as your browser’s homepages.

Systems are built slowly and surely, by practicing only one at a time until you “get” it.  I’ll post my number 2 tomorrow morning in the hopes that #1 is being practiced today.




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