Off Topic Friday

18 09 2009

schoolhouseI’m back in Middle School.  I have 2 kids, Tyler and my step daughter Devyn who are now both in 6th grade.  And it’s hard!  Was it this hard when I was in middle school, or is more expected of our children in this information-driven society?

I can do the math for now, but I fear that this will be the last trimester in which I can help them without the use of google.

Case in point:

They both had three days to memorize this ridiculous Preposition Poem that I am typing not by sight, but by pure memory.  Why must they insist on torturing us poor parents with this crap nonsense?

Aboard about above across

Against along around

Amid among after at

Except for during down

Behind below beneath beside

Between before beyond

By in from off on over of

Until unto upon

Under underneath since up

Like near past throughout through

With within without instead

Towards inside into to

It may be a beautiful poem, but I certainly wouldn’t know that.

Have a wonderful Friday!




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