My To Do List 9/19/2009

19 09 2009

To Do List April Sullivan Virtual Assistant Balancing ActAaahhhh.  Saturday.  A day when I should be doing stuff around the house or spending it with our family doing something fun.

I will definitely try to add in some stuff like that, but just like your regular, hard working real estate agent, I typically have very busy Saturdays.

Here is my To Do List for this Saturday:

  • Write a killer blog post for Monday morning based on Fabienne’s fabulous video about figuring out who your “Unideal Client” is.  Just as an aside, this is a FANTASTIC read for Realtors® who don’t always choose their clients, rather they let their clients choose them.  I’ll be touching on that on Monday.
  • Work on my new Big Tent group, Virtual Assistant Assistance.
  • ReEmail (I know, it’s not a word) a potential new client – I give 2 chances.
  • Reply to above potential client’s email that came through on my BlackBerry about 12 seconds ago.
  • Play around with rdesk and learn some more about it.  I should probably already be familiar with this program, but I haven’t worked with agents who use it before.  Leave a comment if you feel like teaching.  ; P
  • Search internet to find a way to stop my toddler from saying “No” to every answer we ask him.  Supernanny, maybe?
  • Add to my blogroll and list of useful sites.  This is something I forgot to transfer over when I moved my blog, and I really don’t like how bare it looks over there —> on your right.
  • Find some information on the “Harris Real Estate University” that isn’t written by Tim and Julie Harris.  Let me know if you know about this as well.  I’d like to hear from people who aren’t Over-the-Moon ecstatic about them.  There has to be someone out there that thinks the program is, at the very least, mediocre.

I hope your Saturday morning is filled with fun and excitement, and if you’re with client, I hope that it is prosperous as well.  Have a great day!




2 responses

22 09 2009

Hi April,
Just came across your blog via “Join Virtual Assistant Assistance today” email, and enjoying it.

With regard to your “To do list” item about your toddler saying “no” to all questions there is nothing you can do, they will grow out of it, it is just a phase. “lol”

22 09 2009
April Sullivan


Isn’t funny how even though we know the answer to something, we always think there’s got to be something better? This is our fourth child, and sometimes we just look at him and wonder why we can’t figure him out! And it’s funny how your simple answer was more helpful than anything I found by googling it!

Also, can’t wait for Virtual Assistant Assistance to be up and running! I have a meeting with a Big Tent developer today.

Thanks for your comment!

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