The Power Of Being Nice

1 10 2009

vancouver wa homes for saleVia Elite Realty NW

A few weeks back, I received the nicest compliment that I have ever received and it came from an unexpected source. As you will soon see, it also came at a totally unexpected time!

Across town from my office there is a Starbucks coffee where I like to meet clients. It isn’t very busy so parking is always easy and there is never an issue finding a quiet table. I usually meet someone there 2 or 3 times a week. It has become my second office.

Janice and I had a meeting with a first time home buyer. As always, I bought us all coffees. A mocha for him, a skinny vanilla latte for Janice, and a caramel frappuccino for me. We were at a small table, notebooks out, laptop online with the MLS.  Have you figured out where this is going yet?

While Janice was searching the MLS for Vancouver WA homes for sale with our client, I was trying to get the top off of the frappuccino. The top gave way faster than I expected and it exploded in my face, completely dousing me in gooey sweet caramel whipped cream and coffee goodness. Luckily it missed the computer and our client. The parts that missed my clothes and notebook were all over the floor and walls of the Starbucks. I did what any good agent would do, I started laughing.

The Starbucks employees were right on top of the situation, giving me a towel to clean myself up while making me a new drink and mopping up the area. When things had settled down a bit, the employee working the mop commented that he sees me in their all the time and he asked how business was going.

“Business has been great” I replied.

” I imagine it is for you two.”

His answer seemed sort of odd to me. “Why is that?” I asked.

“Because you two are so NICE.” He responded. Right in front of my client!

I was back in to meet another client a few days later and the same employee was there. (Of course EVERYONE there remembers me now!) I thanked him for the kind words and he continued from the point where our previous conversation had ended. He told me that I really stand out when I am in the shop because I am so nice and polite to people. He stated that they get about 10 to 15 real estate agents a day through their location and that most of them are just plain rude. He told me that his manager had our business card tacked up on the bulletin board in the office and that he had already told 2 friends about us. I almost asked him to write me a testimonial!

I didn’t even know that he knew that I was a realtor. People are always watching and you never know where your next lead is going to come from. Be nice!

vancouver homes for sale

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