Just a Quick Note About My Day…..

3 10 2009

I’ve spent the entire day in my jammies, in bed with my new  best friend and a whole lotta coffee.  Yesterday I purchased a new laptop, finally.  I feel like it’s Spring…. a blank space to start new things from scratch.  To pick the areas of my business that aren’t working properly, feel bogged down, or could simply run smoother and I am sprucing things up.  I look at the empty folders and instead of wanting to simply fill them up like I usually do when I see something with space in it, this time I want to fill it with only the smartest systems, the easiest way to get things done, and a blueprint for someone else to use if that need ever arises.

I am an organized person.  Well, you wouldn’t think that by looking at me because at any given moment I’m going a million miles per hour, multitasking, and the ideas going through my head may make your head spin.  But on the inside, my internal hard drive, both in my computer and in my brain, are all in alphabetized, categorical folders.  Any time a new idea arises, it gets filed away in one of those folders.  I love it.  It works for me.  It’s my journal of thoughts from the past which I can pull up anytime I want to in the future.

So today, while in my pj’s and enjoying my Starbucks high, I have streamlined one of the most important processes of my business: The Consultation.  From the moment a client shows interest in my company to the day the retainer agreement is signed and filed away is now completely revamped and updated (thanks to the help of a couple of very talented women who streamline my own mental processes) and ready to be used on the next lucky potential client.  I figure what I’ve done so far today will be the first 9 pages of my new systems manual.

I love springtime (even mentally), I love new beginnings like New Years Day and the first day of school.  I never thought that I could throw in the day I purchased a new computer as one of those, but I suppose it evokes the same feeling within.  Maybe that’s why my mother named me April….. she knew I would grow into it so well.




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