Why Most Marketing Plans Fail

4 11 2009

Let’s face it: most marketing plans aren’t really marketing plans at all.  They are simply short advertising campaigns designed to generate new business.  Generating new business is the name of the game, but if you’re constantly advertising to get it, you’re  doing something wrong.

So, what is a true marketing plan?  To me, it’s a SYSTEM that is put into place and USED every day.  Every day!  Even when you are so swamped with business that you can’t possibly take on another client.  Why?  Because when the well runs dry, your system will still be working for you.

After listening to a great webinar put on by Chip Cummings with the Underground Marketing Network today, I really began thinking:

Why do so many people fail in their marketing? Although there were a lot of points made in this webinar that my company has been doing for our clients for a while, he also pointed out a lot of new ideas.

This is a mixture of his reasons and my own that I see quite often.

  1. They are advertising only what they have at the moment
  2. They live deal to deal, not looking far enough into the future
  3. Business comes in on a one-on-one basis
  4. People aren’t leveraging the contacts they already have
  5. They use their company’s branding, not their own
  6. When a deal is closed, they close their eyes and hope for a referral instead of asking
  7. Not contacting their contacts enough (why else would they be called contacts?)
  8. They don’t have a systemized follow up process in place

The bottom line is:


A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you by:

  • Putting your list into your database of choice
  • Choosing a CRM if you don’t already have one
  • Setting up a system for each type of contact (SOI, past clients, prospects, hot leads etc.)
  • Contacting those people at specific intervals that keep them thinking of you often
  • Automating these processes like crazy!

Remember, you are BUSY (at least you should be!) and if you aren’t, get in touch with an EXPERIENCED Virtual Assistant to put the proper steps into motion that will MAKE YOU BUSY!




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5 11 2009
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