Database! Database! Database!

5 11 2009

What has your contact list done for you lately?

  • How many times are you contacting the people on that list?
  • Is your list current?
  • How effective is your method of contact?
  • Do they remember you?
With the holidays just around the corner, things are getting ready to slow down (if they haven’t already) and it’s a great time to start reconnecting with all of those people just sitting there in your contact management system.

How can I help you and your business?

Balancing Act Business Solutions’ 7 Step Contact Marketing Plan:

  1. Property Postcards (Just Sold, Just Listed)
  2. Monthly Mailed Newsletter
  3. Monthly Emailed Newsletter (Both include market info, absorption rates, number of listings, vendor articles, seasonal info)
  4. Separate Newsletter to your farm area (includes above info PLUS specific market info and open houses in the area)
  5. Branded Direct Marketing pieces recipients can “hold on to”
  6. Holiday and birthday cards
  7. A complete, automated and systemized Follow Up plan put into action for you

If you don’t connect with your contacts, someone else will!
To learn more about how my business can help your business, please visit our website!



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