How Are You Asking for Referrals?

9 11 2009

Asking For Referrals Balancing Act Business SolutionsReferrals.  You love them, you need them, but are you asking for them?

How are you asking?  Is it with the little keychain that states the obvious:  We Love Referrals!

Ad stamp?  Business card?  On some obscure area of your website?

How’s that working out for you?

Okay, okay, enough with the questions.

Our clients, whether we are Real Estate Agents or Virtual Assistants or whatever we are, are in it for themselves.  Clients and customers are selfish in nature, and will refer on their own, but only if the perceived value of your service is much higher than they expected.

You’ve got to play the game.  The “Refer Me Now!” game.  This means give your clients a real, tangible reason to refer you and to refer you often.  It’s a little like bribery, but the good kind of bribery that makes everyone feel good, and keeps the referral wheels spinning.  Please, don’t roll your eyes.  this is better than purchasing a really nice closing gift and hoping that your client loves it, appreciates it, and feels like talking about you.

Stop hoping and start doing something about it!

While listening to a Client Attraction Inner Circle call with Fabienne Frederickson a while back, she started talking about putting together a referral system.  It was genius!  Since then,  I put it into practice in one of my client’s real estate business and it has worked out really well.

You need to find out what your client is into:  Golf, cars, gardening, coffee, whatever.  When you open escrow, send them a small gift like a gift card along with a short letter that reminds your client that your business is run on referrals.  Let them know that you’d like to continue to thank them for their continued support with a gift of their choice when they send you successful referrals.

They choose a gift, it’s your pleasure to give it since they’ve set you up with a client, and the Client Referral Ju-Ju is spread all around.

The client’s company that I have used this on have reported gift requests for socks, a shovel, and an oil change along with the normal gift cards.

Devise a system, a process for your referrals so that it happens consistently and constantly.  I guarantee you’ll see your business grow!




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