Put Good, Solid Plans in Place. First.

20 11 2009

I have a client that I’ve been working with since July of this year.  He’s a licensed Realtor(r), but like many these days, he also has a day job.  He hasn’t had the chance to fully dive into the real estate world, nor has he had the chance to feel the powerful high that comes from selling your first listing.

But that’s all going to change.  The first listing agreement is signed, and plans are in place to begin the process, and I know for a FACT that even though this is his first transaction, it’s going to be (mostly) smooth sailing until the end.  Why?

Because we have a plan.  I put together, just for him a step-by-step Listing Action Plan that lists every single step of the way, who takes care of it and when.  It’s like Mapquest, but the destination is that beautiful Sold sign on the property instead of Aunt Judy’s house.  And if something unexpected happens along the way (what, in real estate?), we have a plan for that too.  Our plan has a plan.  How cool is that?




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