Getting Back on the Saddle

5 01 2010

Wow, I guess you can say I almost killed another blog of mine…. but here I am and I survived the holidays!

I became completely swamped with work and family, which is a good thing, but now I’m ready to take a big, deep breath and take a look at my business from different angles (I will NOT call these “resolutions”).

First order of business:  be more business-like.  Most of us entrepreneur-types put our hearts and souls into our work.  We don’t just make contacts, we build relationships.  Almost like a boyfriend, we work extra hard in the beginning to show just how wonderful we are, often times neglecting others in the process.  This is a mistake I made recently, and when it turned out that the person on the other end of all of this wooing and schmoozing just wasn’t that into it, well, it hurt deeply.  Not very business-like.

But it’s tough, isn’t it?  How do you build or create something and then not love it?

Second on my list is consistency.  I want to consistently be consistent, and enjoy the consistency of it all.  It’s not in my nature, but I’m determined to find a way to make it work for me.  Step by Step, how to be consistent, and I’ll do it every day.  ; )

Third (and maybe this should be first) I’m going to rework my business plan and develop a stronger marketing plan.  Dive a little deeper, push myself a bit harder and really strive to make this year better than last.

And finally (because I have ADD and can’t focus on more than that) I will continue to further my business education.  Whether that means becoming a licensed agent, taking additional marketing classes, design classes, whatever, I will continue to better my business by bettering myself.

What about you?  Are you going to try anything different this year?




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