Just Do It Already!

7 01 2010

Nine times out of ten during my initial consultation with a potential client that has marketing needs, I am asked “what is the best way to market in real estate?”.

Honestly, if I had that kind of magic information, chances are you couldn’t afford me.

My answer is always something akin to “whatever you want it to be”.

It really doesn’t matter which route you take, just that you take one and you take it often.

People tell me that Direct Mail is dead.  Nobody will look at a postcard from a Realtor® these days.  I hear that you HAVE to tweet.  Don’t cold-call (it works but I don’t recommend it – too annoying).  You need a website, a blog, a facebook fan page and 5,000 contacts on LinkedIn.

I’m stopping there because I’m beginning to sound like all of the other blogs that I read everyday.

So here’s the big secret:  pick a type of marketing that you’re comfortable with and exploit the h*ll out of it.  There are 1.3 million Realtors® in the U.S. alone and the majority don’t have a solid marketing plan and they aren’t consistent.  Most of them subscribe to the “build it and they will come” theory.

Build it and they may check you out is more like it, but in order for them to stay and recommend others to stay as well, you must consistently remind them just how wonderful you are.

Here is my “magic formula”

  • Keep your database updated
  • Send out Just Listed and Just Sold postcards as if your sales depended on it (it does)
  • Send out a monthly e-newsletter
  • Build friendships with clients and colleagues via facebook
  • Send out birthday cards and Home Anniversary cards
  • Walk flyers around your neighborhood monthly
  • Attend networking events monthly

These are the basics, and when done consistently, are well worth the effort put into it.




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