This was previously published in another of my blogs on January 11, 2009

My name is April, and at the very core of my heart, I am an entrepreneur.  My mind is always busy thinking of new solutions, how to do things quicker, better, more efficiently.  I am my own boss, and I love it.

I have four children, who at best, are very loving and sweet individuals.  But normally they are bickering little heathens.  Love them to death.  I have a husband who is an entrepreneur as well, but we are vastly different in how we think and act.  At best we feed off of each and encourage positive growth.  You don’t want to know what the worst could be.

I first began my self-employed journey with the hopes of becoming a wedding planner.  I researched venues, took classes and called myself a Wedding Coordinator all in hopes of landing that first big client.  She was me.  I had such a hard time planning my own wedding, that my fiance and I eloped to Las Vegas.  That was then end of that venture.

Since then, I have run a pretty successful Contractor Referral Network, which I evolved into my Concierge & Errand Service.  A large part of that business, Balancing Act Concierge & Errand Service, was doing work as a Virtual Assistant.  And I’m not talking VA in the sense of type this, and transcribe that.  No, I was being given work as a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator (which I had been doing for 6 years for my husband’s mortgage & real estate companies), I was developing marketing plans for a certain Event Coordinator, (notice a theme?  Lot’s of coordinating going on here), hiring entire teams of developers, and editing new websites.  I loved it.

I’m in the process of developing a hybrid of my own systems that I’ve used for years, and sorting through the information of many talented VA’s who’ve been doing this much longer than I have.  Hence the blog.

This is space for me to come back to to see where I’ve been, and as a reminder for where I want to go.  When I find something that works, and something that doesn’t.  I’d love to help other (serious) VA’s who are trying to break  into this industry and make a good living off of it.  My goal is to learn and to share what I’ve learned.

To read more, go to Virtual Assistant Chick & Balancing Act Business Solutions


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